Photo Booth

Pinball Tables

Planning a wedding reception or a staff party? A retirement dinner or other special event? Consider renting our signature photo booth! Create instant photo strips for just pennies each and give your guests a great souvenir they can take home with them. The interactive LCD screens make adjusting, focusing, and printing a breeze. And best of all: we deliver, set up, and pick-up anywhere in the HRM. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the fun!  

Before the days of Nintendo, Playstation, and XBox, there were the days of the arcade. Pac-Man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Gauntlet, and hundreds of others provided hours of great entertainment for millions. Today, these cabinets are not only collector's items but can still provide a wonderful shot of nostalgia for those who remember the old days and a unique experience for those who have never had the pleasure. Perhaps the best part about these wonderful games is the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with your opponent and hopefully defeat them mercilessly.   

Arcade Cabinets

​These classic machines have found a whole new generation of gamers eager to play and master the silverball. From vintage electromechanical tables all the way up to the modern digital classics of the 90s and today, pinball tables are a great way to get your eyes off of a smartphone, computer, or console screen and still play a fantastic game. We offer several tables for rent or lease. Please see the Renting/Lending link above for details.