Book in advance! For best results, please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your rental date.


​Pinball Table (each per month) - $200.00 (taxes & delivery included)

Arcade Cabinet (each per month) - $175.00 (taxes & delivery included)

Please note that all prices are subject to change and may not be reflected on this website.

​Pinball Table (each per month) - $175.00 (taxes & delivery included)

Arcade Cabinet (each per month) - $150.00 (taxes & delivery included)

​Pinball Table (each) - 25% Commission  

Arcade Cabinet (each) - 25% Commission 

Renting a pinball table, arcade cabinet, or our photo booth for a day or two is a wonderful way to spice up a reception, party, or special event! All three can be set to "free play" mode, allowing your guests, clients, or co-workers unlimited use for the day/evening. No need to bother with coins or making change. Give the folks at your event something special to remember!

​24-48 Hour Rental

​Pinball Table (each) - $150.00 (taxes & delivery included)

Arcade Cabinet (each) - $125.00 (taxes & delivery included)

​Photo Booth - $400.00 for 24 hours; $600.00 for 48 hours. (taxes, delivery, and                         unlimited pictures/printing included)

For those that want a pinball table or arcade cabinet for the long-haul, we have a discounted rate just for you. Lock in your game on a year-long contract and save $300.00 over the month-to-month price. And, as an extra added bonus, we will give you the option to switch out your pinball table or arcade cabinet with a different model every four months. Variety and savings together at last! 

Lending and renting are two different things. When you rent, you pay a fee to have full control over the machine. You decide whether to put it on "coin play" or "free play" and, if you opt for "coin play", you keep 100% of the income. Under the lending model, you pay no fee for the machine but instead become a partner with Silverball Games and receive a 10% commission on all income generated by the cabinet or table. Essentially, it's a rent free way to try out our product and make a little cash on the side while doing so. Please contact us for more details and see if this option is right for you.  

​Month-to-Month Rental

​12 Month Rental

Month to month rental gives you an opportunity to see if one of our pinball tables or arcade cabinets are right for your location without a long term commitment. Often, this is how many clients start out and this contract can easily be switched to a longer contract, and cheaper rate, at the end of any month. You have complete control over the machine and can choose to run it with "free Play" to give your space that extra added amenity, or with "coin play" and collect 100% of the income.